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Welcome To Bhoomi Plastics:- We are Importers of Smart (I.D) Card Products, Teslin Synthetic Sheet, Thermal Card Printer, Fusing Machine, Card Cutter, Embossing & Tipping Machine,Core and Overlay Sheets for plastic Cards, Smart ID Card Materials, Neck Lanyards, Card Holders, Clips, Yoyo & Accessories, Binding Machine, Lamination Machine, Paper / Ream Cutter, Misc. Products, Accessories, Binding & Lamination Material , PP Sheets and Films, PVC inkjet Sheets and Films, Holographic Films (PVC, BOPP, PET), Non Terable Paper For Stickers, Cards & Posters , HIPS/PS/ABS Sheets, HDPE Sheets Other Items, Applications etc.

Plastic Packaging and Accessories

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